SoHo, New York City

Perfumarie is a Brand Incubator, Innovation Agency, and Selective Retail Lab for Global Sensory Brands anchored in the Scent & Complexion Segments.

  • Founded:2017
  • Sector:Scent & Completion
  • Origin:New York City
  • Equity:Joint Venture – Asia 


Founded in 2017 in SoHo, New York City, Perfumarie curates an exquisite set of scent and complexion brands, whilst elevating the bespoke fragrance experience. Perfumarie reimagines how modern day perfume connoisseurs discover and acquire new visceral scents.

As a hospitality-inspired immersive gathering space of rare and pre-launched products from around the world, a majority of Perfumarie Members (consumers, press, & industry experts) are early adopters seeking evocative sensory adventures. Perfumarie connects this growing global community by exploring the intersection of human-centric experiences and sensory science, innovating how these ardent connoisseurs of scent both experience and purchase niche luxury beauty brands.


Hailed as the future of Experiential Retailing, Perfumarie is ever-evolving: spanning from luxury-conscious curation to interactive multi-sensorial ‘perfume flights’.

Since its inception, Perfumarie was designed as an iconoclastic selective retail lab and platform for global sensory brands. The platform is AI-powered, connecting niche Scent & Completion brands with new customers, retailers, and press via dynamic, immersive experiences. Perfumarie harnesses the power of data to constantly observe and juxtaposition data against psychographics, objectives, and sales. The predictive results allow Perfumarie to enhance its curated merchandise mix by developing unique complimentary products that its community will lust. Data and AI allow Perfumarie to provide a genuine & personalized experience that maximizes customer engagement and retention.


On December 17th 2020, INFRA and PERFUMARIE announced a newly created Joint Venture (“JV” or “Perfumarie Asia”) to expand Perfumarie’s reach into Asia. .

JOINT VENTURE & SELECTIVE RETAIL EXPANSION: The JV will exclusively operate Perfumarie in Greater China (including Mainland China, Hong Kong SAR, and Macau SAR), Taiwan and Singapore. Perfumarie will leverage INFRA’s expertise in scaling-up luxury brands in the region, evolving Perfumarie’s strength in curating, incubating, developing and selectively retailing products on a global scale. The JV will further expand Perfumarie’s omnichannel universe, offering brands access to prime retail real estate, authentic connections for insights, along with new opportunities for exposure and distribution in Asia.

Inspired by its home studio and private club in SoHo, NYC, Perfumarie Asia will showcase its brand portfolio via dynamic, immersive experiences in shoppable, selective retail labs. The multi-sensorial gathering spaces designed by AvroKO, a world-renowned interior design firm, will serve as a gathering space for collectors, artisans, and innovators in fragrance, flavor, technology, and art. The selective retail spaces will be open-access and immersive, presented in an exhibition-style format, and uniquely designed for both selling and brand-building.