London, England

Ted Baker is one of the UK’s fastest growing leading lifestyle brands. Since 1988, the brand has grown steadily from its origins as a single shirt specialist store to the global lifestyle brand it is today.

  • Founded:1988
  • Sector:Intimate & Fashion
  • Origin:London, England
  • Equity:Joint Venture – China
  • Site:www.tedbaker.com


FOUNDED IN 1988, Ted Baker has grown steadily from its origins as a single shirt specialist store in Glasgow to the global lifestyle brand it is today.

Ted Baker offers an exquisite array of menswear, womenswear, accessories and everything in between. A quintessentially British brand, Ted Baker is famed for its quirky yet commercial fashion offering, high quality design detailing and distinctive use of pattern and colour. The brand’s unconventional approach to fashion, irreverent sense of humour and, above all, unswerving attention to detail appeals to style-conscious men and women who trust Ted to deliver that certain something out of the ordinary. Today, Ted operates across Europe, North America, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australasia, distributing through three main channels; retail, which includes e-commerce, wholesale and licencing.


Since foundation, Ted’s design philosophy captures the heritage of British tailoring with a thoroughly contemporary outlook. Ted’s approach is focused on an unwavering attention to detail and firm commitment to quality, with the little touches and details that make Ted Baker products stand apart from the rest.


In April 10th of 2019, INFRA and its joint venture partner LONGGOAL GROUP, entered into a joint venture agreement with Ted Baker, through with an investment vehicle formed and wholly owned by INFRA and LONGGOAL GROUP.

JOINT VENTURE & BRAND EXPANSION: Over recent years, Ted Baker invested in introducing and developing the Ted Baker brand in the Mainland China and Hong Kong markets. The Company had opened eight stores in these markets to build and support awareness and understanding of the Ted Baker brand, including three stores in Hong Kong as well as five stores and one outlet store in Mainland China. The JV will support delivery of the significant growth potential of the brand in the Chinese market. The JV intends to build on Ted Baker’s existing store portfolio, expand the concession network and further invest in Ted Baker’s local market online capabilities.

The joint venture will drive the long-term expansion of Ted Baker in these markets, combining local knowledge and expertise with the proven buying, merchandising, training and brand-building expertise of Ted Baker. The JV will build on the existing eight full price stores, five concessions and one outlet store, primarily into Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities as well as existing online capabilities. Over the coming years, the JV will expand Ted Baker’s retail presence as well as creating a fine tuned omni-channel retail infrastructure.