There is not a single word or descriptive phrase that fully signifies the phenomenon we seek to describe and the argument we are attempting to make... The larger significance of the observation we make in Infra-Apparel is the transaction that occurred from the eighteenth century to the present between the intimate and personal and the social and public. Style is a principal means by which we negotiate between the private and public realms. Infra-Apparel suggests, of course, that there are certain elements inherent in Style that become expressive as part of the personal to public exchange.... The argument for Infra-Apparel is based on the belief that Style is important. In the same manner in which art history is certain that visual culture bears upon civilization in substantial ways, we are confident that Style bears culture and bares culture.


Excerpts herein are referenced from Richard Martin in the Book INFRA-APPAREL which inspires the foundation of IN/FRA-APPAREL GROUPÉ